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 Welcome to The World of IBV

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Welcome to The World of IBV Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to The World of IBV   Welcome to The World of IBV EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 4:12 am

Welcome to The World of IBV.

This is a place originally created by the Brussels based band Dalai Lama Renaissance for draft song correspondence. Currently led by the IBV group for sharing in a broader sense.

Feel free to enter, take a look around or point out to what you’d like others to hear, see, etc. By accumulating all creative content deemed important both by our label's artists and audience we make our first steps into the experiment of letting influences flow freely in both directions, allowing future IBV productions to be molded by public induced inspiration and exploring the way impulses, met within the world, influence future actions.

Consider this place to be an actual world in which your posts and comments make up the fauna and flora of the forum-landscape. In which way will environment interact with the creative outlets of its inhabitants? Take part in the experience, whisper colors in our ears and help define the IBV pallet of sounds, words, images for us to work with. You might be impressed seeing the way your Ivy-words found their way, claiming their place, resounding in the world of IBV.

Anyone can be a member. Just click Here to register yourself in no-time.

All of the songs that are in any way related to the IBV label, finished & unfinished, are located in the IBV section, under 'Recorded @ IBV-LAB'.

We hope you have a pleasant stay

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Welcome to The World of IBV
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